Welcome to the CDX Development environment. This is a non-production environment and is not to be used for any regulatory activity.

Central Data Exchange

Online Registration User Guide

The online user guide provides step-by-step instructions for the CDX registration process. Follow the process steps below or view the downloadable version (2 pp, 971KB, About PDF).

Step 1: Go to cdx.epa.gov and Register

On the Central Data Exchange (CDX) homepage click the “Register with CDX” button to start the registration process.

Step 2: Accept Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to abide by the system requirements and the system will allow you to access CDX.

Step 3: Select a Program Service

To select a program service, type the flow name or descriptor to filter the results or select from the full list.

Step 4: Provide Role and Additional Information

If a program service has more than one role or requires additional information, select the role and/or fill out all required additional information.

Step 5: Provide User Information

Enter a unique user name, fill out the personal information, create a password, and answer three security questions.

Step 6: Provide Organization Information

Search for an existing organization. If a matching organization is not found, create a new organization.

Step 7: Confirmation screen and Activation Link

After all core registration information has been provided, the confirmation screen displays. An account activation code will be sent to the organization email address provided. Either follow the account activation link instructions or copy/paste the code into the confirmation screen "Code" box to complete registration.

Step 8: Complete Registration and Additional Validation

Log in to CDX with credentials provided during registration after clicking the account activation link in the confirmation email.